Gems or Gemstones play an important role in Vedic Astrology specifically for remedial purposes. The main reason behind wearing gemstones is healing. Throughout the history, it has been used for healing and spiritual rituals. Although gems were rare and exhibited great beauty, the reason they were so precious was due to the power they imparted to their wearers. They are storehouses of cosmic energies, which transmits when the stone gets in contact with one's body. Gems exhibit their power in a beneficial or detrimental way - depending on how they are used. All stones or gems have magnetic powers in varying degrees, and many of them are beneficial to us for their therapeutic cures. They emit vibrations and frequencies which have strong potential influence on our whole being. It is preferable to wear only a suitable gemstone according to your birth-chart because, if you wear one that is not suitable for you, it may result in miseries and troubles in life.

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